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How Much Will My Visit Cost?

Dr. Witman charges a flat rate based on time spent.  Visits range from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the medical issues and your preferences. When you make your appointment, you may request the appropriate length for your needs.

Can I see Dr. Witman if I have HMO insurance?

You are welcome to see Dr. Witman under the fee schedule listed above.  Since she is not a part of any insurance network your HMO insurance may not reimburse you for those fees.

Why doesn't Wolf & Witman accept direct payment from insurance?

Since Dr. Witman is not a part of any insurance networks, she has the freedom to care for you according to best practices and your preferences. She may conduct remote and phone visits. Reduced paperwork allows freedom to devote all of our attention to caring for you.

What forms of payment are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted.  In the near future we will accept ApplePay.

When do I pay for my visit?

All fees are paid at the time of service. 

How are other medical services handled? 

You will continue to use your insurance for labs, X-rays and other testing, specialist consultations, and hospitalization.  We will work with you to assure those services are provided within your insurance network.

Does Dr. Witman offer an electronic record?  Can I view my results online?  

Yes, Dr. Witman has a state-of-the-art Patient Portal for established patients that allows you to view test results and visit notes, send a secure message to Dr. Witman and make payments.

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